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Economic Strategy Phase II

The second Phase of the Project would build on the Phase I effort and develop out-year projections and develop Plans of Action and milestones that include implementation initiatives that are underpinned by policies that will build on out Strengths, seize opportunities, bolster our weaknesses, and counter the things that threaten our achievement of economic prosperity in the Town.

Phase II, being a very large effort is being developed in small, manageable steps.

Phase IIA - Verify the Work of Phase I and gaining Community Consensus


This first part (called Phase IIA) was initiated by an on line survey to gather stakeholder data on the Phase I Report.

The results of the on-line survey, generally, confirmed the Phase I effort. An on-line survey was taken in March 2009. You can view the On-Line Survey Results Summary.

A series of Workshops was done to gain data additional data and and achieve consensus on the way ahead.

An interim report was provided to the Town Council in October 2009.


The August 2011 Update to the Plan can be viewed here.