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Economic Strategic Planning

Since 2006, one of the PEDC's major projects has been economic strategic planning

An Economic Strategic Planning Subcommittee was formed to coordinate the project.

The Subcommittee is co-chaired by John Palmieri and Bob Andrews. They need frequently to work this very important effort.

Basic Principles

Overall Economic Development


Reassess the economic drivers (identified in Phase I ) that contribute to the Town’s economic status in view of recent events and develop an economic vision and approach that will immediately turn the path of the Town to return it to economic stability in ten years.


Phase I

The first phase of the Project (called "Phase I"), sought to answer two basic questions.

Who are we?

What are the things that define the town and what are the things important to personify and exemplify economic prosperity, and,

What are we ultimately trying to do?

What are the objectives we must achieve to gain and maintain economic prosperity? What forces will help or hinder us in achieving those objectives? What framework is needed to both guide and measure our progress toward a better economc future in a Town that grows smartly while keeping its New England character, maintains a business friendly environment, with high quality of life in a stabilized revenure structure.

The result a Strategic Plan Phase I was presented to the Town Council in May 2007.

PED Phase I Video Wins Honors at the RI PEG TV Awards

Phase II

The second Phase of the Project would build on the Phase I effort and develop out-year projections and develop Plans of Action and milestones that include implemetation initiatives that are underpinned by policies that willbuild on out Strengths, seize opportunities, bolster our weaknesses, and counter the things that threaten our acheivement of economic prosperity in the Town.


This first part (called Phase IIA) was initiated by a series of Workshops to gain data and acheive consensus.

An interim report was provided to the Town Council in October 2009.

Workshop with the Town Council Feb 2011

A workshop was held with the Town COuncil On feb 9, 2011.

See the Outline for the Workshop

See Phase II Information Updates at the Econ Strat PH II Page.

Revenue Generation

A Revenue Generation Subcommittee was formed in Feb 2011 to explore initiative for short term revenue gain.

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