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PEDC Membership

The Committee shall consist of no more than 15 regular members, who shall have voting rights, appointed by the Town Council. One regular member will be a Youth Representative. In addition to the regular members, the Town Council shall appoint one or more council person(s) to serve as liaison with no voting power. The Town Director of Business Development will serve on the committee as ex-officio with no voting power.

Each regular member (except the Youth Representative) shall be appointed by the Town Council for a term of three (3) years. At the end of a term, a member may make a written request for reappointment. In the event of a regular member vacancy, the Town Council shall appoint a new member to serve a full term from date of appointment. Council appointments shall be in accordance with Town Council rules and procedures for citizen appointments to committees.

One Youth Representative shall be appointed by the Town Council and shall serve for a one year term.

Get to know our members. Click here for listing and profiles.

We are exceptionally proud of the PEDC's aggregate competencies. Our members are superior professionals with diverse backgrounds. Please go to our member page to see what our volunteers provide in service to the Town.



There are currently several vacancies on the PEDC. Anyone wanting to join our team and make a true impact on the economic health of Portsmouth, send a letter to the Town Clerk explaining why you desire appointment to the PEDC.

Mail letter to:

Portsmouth Town Clerk

2200 East Main Rd