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What do you think about the PEDC?

Survey Results Summary

Only 13 responses were received to this survey as it was not as well advertised as earlier surveys and was not a public issue. It is apparent from the survey responses that those that did respond had strong opinions (pro and con) about the PEDC and about economic development in general. Based on the limited number of responses, however, I don’t think that any solid conclusions can be drawn about the way that the town residents in general view the PEDC, except to suggest that the PEDC make more efforts to publicize what they are doing.

92% of responses had heard of the PEDC and the responses relating to what the PEDC does centered around advising the town on economic issues, although two responses related specifically to finding business opportunities. Several respondents were familiar with the Wind Turbine project, but other responses for PEDC projects were varied and included strategic planning workshops, sewers, JFK project, and annual reports.

In response to a question about the PEDC annual report, only 58% had read about or seen it and one respondent didn’t know that there was such a report.

Regarding public media, 25% didn’t know about the PEDC website or Facebook page, while 58% knew about the website only. 17% knew about both (probably members of the PEDC).

67% of respondents viewed the activities of the PEDC as Very positive – useful and needed. Other responses were either generally positive (11%) or neutral (22%).

On the question of the need for commercial development to provide “revenue-positive” growth in Portsmouth, 92% of respondents understood and agreed with thiis PEDC position and only 8% didn’t understand why more business development is needed.

Half of the respondents (50%) were aware of the PEDC subcommittees on Sustainable Energy, Strategic Planning and Revenue Generation, while 33% knew of some of them and 17% were not aware of them.

Responses to the question of what types of development projects residents would like to see in Portsmouth were quite varied and should be read in their entirety.

73% of respondents have not considered attending or joining the PEDC, while 27% have.

Data from the survey is available in the PDF document – PEDC Survey Results Results (Click Here).