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The PEDC prepares various reports throughout the year to provide information and recommendations on issues that affect the economic posture of the Town.

Annual Reports

The PEDC is required by its by-laws to provide a report to the Town Council during the last calendar quarter of each year.

Previous years reports are posted on the Town Web Site and will be posted here soon.

Other Reports

Either being tasked by a Town body or on their own initiative, the PEDC periodically reviews and reports on various issues that affect the economic posture of the Town.

Other Resources

Other economic resources (such as publications and web sites) will be listed here

Regionalism New England Style. - June 2003 article by Evan D. Richert, former Director of the Main State Planning Office, discussing the unique challenges and opportunities of regionalizing or sharing services in New England communities. Many of these issues seem to relate to Portsmouth and the Aquidneck Island communities.

Rhode Island 2010 Charting a New Course - A 2005 publication of the Rhode Island Planning and Economic Center (RIPEC) that discusses RIPEC’s projections of what Rhode Island’s demographics, finance and economic outlook would look like in 2010. It appears that many of RIPEC’s projections have been close to the mark.

Aquidneck Island Study - Revenue Expenditure Forecast for Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth. A 2007 study by the RI Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC) and Ninigret Partners which forecasts the revenues and expenditures of all three Aquidneck Island communities. This is a very useful document when examining current community budget issues.

Aquidneck Island Consolidation Feasibility Study. A 2009 study by RIPEC that examines the feasibility of consolidating the school departments of Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth. The study concludes that significant savings are possible to all three communities through consolidation while enhancing educational opportunities for all. Estimated average annual savings for all three school districts range from $2.8M to $12.3M between FY2012 and FY2014.

Wind Power: Environmental and Safety Issues. A study from the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry that briefly examines some of the main safety and other public issues related to wind turbines.

Web Links

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