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Town Weekly Video Show

The Portsmouth Town Administrator, John Klimm, started a weekly Town informational video series in 2012. Richard Rainer, the current Town Administrator has continued to support the show. It can be viewed on Cox Cable Channel 18. (See Cox Channel 17 foor the schedule of showings). All the shows can also be viewed on the Portsmouth Town Web Site (

PEDC Video Series - "It's the Economy ..."

Episode 2-2012 - A Talk with Former Town Planner

Episode 3-2012 - The Economy of the Arts

Episode 1-2012 = A Talk with the Town Administrator

Episode 7-2011 - Revenue Generation Subcommittee

Episode 6-2011 - The Redevelopment Authority and the Navy Lands

Episode 5-2011 - The Economics of Sustainable Energy

Episode 4-2011 - Strategic Planning and the JFK

Episode 3-2011 - PEDC Strategy Phase 1

Episode 2-2011 - Director of Business Development

Episode 1-2011 - What is the PEDC?